Tricks for cheap traveling?

I'm going from America to Europe for a bit. Plan is to pack lightly and spend as little money as possible. I just want to see pieces of history, to be honest. Any tips for saving money or staying safe? I'm not going to particularly dangerous countries, but nowhere is completely safe, so it's better to be cautious than to pay the price later.

Thank you!

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  • hihi!
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    2 months ago

    While flights to Eastern Europe are probably higher than London or Paris, STAYING in Eastern Europe can be cheaper. That is not only STAYing in a hotel, but eating and using metros. (subways). Czechia, Slovenia, Romania all should be cheap and others as well. Find what you want to see. London may be cheap if you stay in a backpackers hostel (no privacy if you go with a girl). Transport tickets for 3-day, 5day, etc beat single "Tube" metro tickets. Find local cafes, not big expensive restaurants. Buy bread and cold cuts and eat fruit and vegetables. Buy water in a big supermarket.

    Safety is no issue. People are sane. Don't be careless with money and wallet, etc as opportunists WILL pickpocket anywhere. Use common street smarts. Europe is safer than USA. No guns as a starter. DON'T ACT LIKE AN AMERICAN. Doing stupid things you may do at home. My best example, I used to go to the mall and run and grab a street sign pole in the parking lot and swing around it. No-no. Wear simple clothes, nothing flashy, denim jacket, etc. Don't wear much jewelery. Everyone speaks English(almost). Even in Russia l often meet speakers and far (750 miles) from Moscow. Especially 15-25 year olds; "high school and college age". 

    Don't let mild warnings scare you. We went to Romania "beware of wild dogs which roam the streets and attack people". We may or not have seen dogs there (ate horse burgers), but if you do, they don't just see you and come at you. Just go in a shop or to the other side of the street. Russia has ridiculous warnings and I am here every winter.

    Source(s): my tried and true tricks!
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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Which of the 40+ countries that make up Europe are you planning  to visit?  

    Some I'd have no problem visiting as long as I stuck to the touristy areas. Other countries I wouldn't go to without a guide or visit  with someone who has been before.

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