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I am seeing someone this weekend for the first time since October and so I’m giving them their Christmas gift, what do I call it?

Can I call it a Christmas gift when the holidays are long over? I feel like I’m cheating since it’s been ages since Christmas. Like a month ago all the trees were down already and the holidays were over. Yeah I have not seen this person since October 1st week in the month. It’s an aunt and cousins but they were not here during Christmas as they live far away.

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    You got it for them for Christmas, when you give it to them is meaningless - the point is that you thought about them at Christmas, but didn't have a chance to see them until now.

    And wtf is the deal with all of these people cutting and pasting red/green text?  It makes you look like even more of a troll than you already do by posting as anon.

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      And how the f**k did it change my text to red/green?  Literally, wtf?

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