is a 'foreign power' changing britain?

i get suspicious about this, there's no doubt britain has changed an awful lot since i was a boy and i'm in my forties now, i feel and suspect a foreign power and interlopers are responsible for changing the face of britain and turning it into a multicultural society.....i also blame mass immigration for transforming britain and those who have allowed mass immigration into britain..

at this juncture in time i am very concerned for my country because its changing so fast into a place i don't recognize or feel comfortable with.....britain doesn't feel british anymore...and i think there are too many interlopers here now.

any thoughts on this and where britain is heading? or what could be done about it?

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  • Foofa
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    2 months ago

    Guess who else blamed "mass immigration for transforming" their societies into something they didn't recognize... India, the Caribbean, several African nations, Australian Aboriginals, the Maori of New Zealand, et al. There are very few immigrants in the UK who don't come from nations that the British Empire "transformed" first. But in terms of the laws that allow it...most of your Parliament are still native Britons, so take it up with them.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There is no foreign power changing the UK. at 42 you should realise that nothing stays the same. The UK of 1960 was not the same as the UK of 1990 which in turn is not the UK we live in today. Countries evolve to  adapt to an ever changing World.

     The difference is that you don't  seem to be evolving.  You appear to be  stuck in the bygone time of Bullseye and Minder. The EEC.  Mk2 Ford Fiestas and Raleigh Grifters.

     When in actuality we inhabit a World of endless PL football, Game of Thrones. Globalism. Tesla model Ss and 5G mobile telephony that a 10 year old can operate.

    Source(s): I miss my Grifter XL.
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