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I want to get a rabbit, but im unsure if I have enough time to give one the best home it deserves can any rabbit owners answer.?

So I m a full time student, sometimes I have class from 9-11 but other times I m on campus from 9AM-around 9PM but thats about once a week. I wanted to get an animal to help with my depression and the best one for me would be a rabbit, but I know you should spend atleast 4 hours a day with them and they are most active at dawn and dusk and thats typically when I am at home. I just don t know if my schedule is open enough to have them in the best enviroment. I have roommates who would hangout with them if they were home but they would be my responsibility not theirs. Would you suggest I could get a rabbit or what could I do to help keep them enriched when i m not at home

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    If you are home when they are active, then it is just fine. They adapt. In fact, if you are sitting nearby them, say, on your computer, in bunny's eyes, you two are "hanging out" and bonding. Being in proximity counts even if you aren't directly interacting. 

    That said, rabbits are moody and *they* decide when (or if) they want to interact with you. This is a character trait of rabbits that is important to understand -- especially if you are counting on the rabbit to help with depression. Unlike dogs (or rats) rabbits are not 'eager to please' nor are they willing to offer or receive affection whenever you happen to feel like it. There will be times when you want to pet them and they won't want anything to do with you. Such is the nature of pet rabbits. 

    If you are gone for long periods, it will be important to provide a large, permanent exercise area. That way bunny can hop about whenever the mood strikes. That's easily done with an exercise pen. 

    For more info to help you decide whether a rabbit is right for at this time, check the following page of my website:

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