I ordered 400 bags of tea from Scandinavia and I live in Canada - how long til it arrives?

It’s regular priority mail?

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  • 2 months ago


    Your item does not magically jump into an addressed box and scurry off to the Post Office for delivery to you.

    Your item will be packaged and shipped eventually. The Post Office then begins the process to get it to Canada.

    It waits for space on an available plane. The flight about 8 hours.

    The WAIT can be weeks.

    Then it goes to Canada Customs for inspection. Again it WAITS could be a few hours or many days.

    After all that it then goes to Canada Post for delivery to you.

    It is normal from one week to about a month for MOST items.

    SORRY NO ONE can guess how many parcels will fit on the plane going next. Yours waits its turn and goes when it fits.

    There is no law for Scandinavian seller to ship the second you complete the order.

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