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Adam asked in Cars & TransportationMotorcycles · 2 months ago

Motorcycles for traveling with pillions?

I’m looking for a motorbike in the U.K. which looks good, is fairly light and is comfortable for pillions on long journeys across to France so 500cc+. I don’t want anything which is going to be annoying for riding slow around the city and I don’t want a second bike. I want something for under £6K. I’m really struggling to find something, the Honda 500X looks okay in person (the pillion appears smaller on the website pics. Any ideas? I  like sitting upright or fairly upright and don’t mind an old style one like a Royal Enfield but would prefer something modern and reliable. I have a full category A license 

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  • 2 months ago
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    Check out the Suzuki Wee Strom with hard cases. Very practical. 

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  • Tim D
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    2 months ago

    If you want something modern(ish) but with retro looks then the RE Interceptor could be the one. However for travel you need top boxes and panniers and that would ruin the lines of a classic looking bike, the CB looks a decent choice as long as you don't mind the reach, fit it with some metal luggage and away you go.

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  • adam
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    2 months ago

    pillions? Sorry Im American. You mean a passenger? I would think any standard would be comfy. Not a sport bike. Myself even though most of my machines are Harley I would be wanting a Honda 500CC or larger. In fact doesnt need to be new. I have a 1971 Honda CB 750 FOUR and it still to this day runs strong. Mine is a chopper but its motor is still its motor. Lots of those old Hondas still around and parts are still available . Its easy to work on and easy to upgrade with modern electronics. Besides you meet the nicest people on a Honda. Joke thats their old saying 

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