Khalid Yasin talking about Jesus ?

Salam brothers and sisters. I am looking for a speech where Khalid Yasin explains how Jesus is a Muslim by explaining how he submitted to Allah. I've looked at many videos but cannot find this specific part. If possible, please name the video and preferably the time stamp. Jazakallah 

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  • 1 month ago

    I think it couldn't possibly be Khalid Yasin... Maybe he writes intrepetations not voices a video. If he is well known which to me is unknown... I have many Muslim videos I am a scholar. Borderline of satan type scholar. Evil woman. My dad is iblis. But I believe that the worst can become the best. Time stamp is hard. The video is that long you can't watch it yourself front to back over and over again?

    • Iblis1dautr
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      Many other videos talk a out Jesus being a Muslim. Jesus in the Quran series. 

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