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HELP !!Law of attraction and EVERYTHING IS WORKING I’m a little scared. Is it actually the law of attraction and good energy?

Every single thing I think is happening. But only for good things and sometimes Annoying things I attract just by thinking that I don’t want but very simple don’t even mind them. sI’ll think about simple and big things and they happen within a day days or hours. No longer than a week. For example I hadn’t seen the guy I liked I imagined I saw him and a whole scenario in order to attract it to happen . The almost exact thing happened in one day. I couldn’t believe it so I tested out thinking it again and it did work!! The next day. Another occasion I wish they change me work positions to what I do. The literal next day my manager talked to me about how I’ll be switching.  More simple things for ex. I imagine how my day is going to be. Some of the things actually happen. I Believed and thought Ill be home alone to hangout with my friends at my place . It happened the next day.And a lot more things have happen that I thought of Daily . I’ve also lost my appetite completely even if I want to eat I can’t. I’m worried about this. could it be Witch Craft ?!!!or something is it actually the law of attraction . It’s concerning.

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  • 2 months ago

    It is a form a witchcraft/sorcery. If you stick with it, you will see bad/weird things start to sleep paralysis, demonic activity and maybe even some form of psychosis. You need to bring Jesus into your life and start following God's will and stop manipulating reality.

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