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What are the chances of police helicopters and aviation are following me?

I am seeing police copters and planes following me. There were some robberies or theft and there's more police and security than I've ever seen in my life. I've gotten watched more and more in stores, even at my college. Now I'm paranoid thinking that the copters and planes are watching me. I did nothing wrong, I'm crime free. I saw helicopters or police planes flying around and around my neighborhood and i feel like they're watching me. I see police cars and copters appearing everywhere I'm at.


What are the chances they are surveillancing me?


the police at my college has asked me whether or not I'm a student and they have followed me and give students tickets. They watched me several times.

I understand they're just preventing crime and doing their job, but I'VE DONE NOTHING. Just because there were burglaries, does not mean it has anything to do with me but i get watched by security all the time.

Update 2:

I want serious anwers please!

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    There is no chance. If they were doing what you think, they would be doing it in a less obvious way. If they are letting you see them do it, then they are watching someone else, not you.

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  • 2 months ago

    Your ENTIRE story is a figment of your delusions. Your self diagnosis of paranoia is nearly certain to be accurate, but I am not trained to make a formal diagnosis, even if I talk to you directly.

    NO, you DO NOT want serious answers. Those are the ones you are complaining about.

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  • 2 months ago

    youre more likely to be an idiot

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      As I previously told you, the military planes are probably practicing maneuvers and the police have less expensive ways to follow a person other than the helicopter.  "Now I'm paranoid."  You think?

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