In Greek mythology when was the last we heard of Kronos and what are the Titans weaknesses?

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  • Pontus
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    1 month ago

    Depending on the author or story, Kronos was imprisoned with most of his Titan brothers in Tartarus, or in some versions Zeus eventually freed him to rule over the Isles of the Blessed (a land of the dead) where heroes went to live in paradise after death. 

    Titans, like other full gods, were immortal.  They could not be killed. 

    They could be injured, but would heal (just like Prometheus, a second generation Titan, was tortured by having an Eagle eat his liver every day, which grew back over night).   They had feelings just like humans, including personality flaws. 

    Some injuries though did appear to be permanent.  Hephaestus (an Olympian) had a limp, after falling from Olympus to the Earth.  Ouranos (a primordial god) was seemingly permanently castrated. 

    Gods could transform themselves and others into other things, among other basic abilities. Titan, Olympian, Primordial -- just referred to different regimes of gods. 

    Titans were some of the children of Gaia & Ouranos (both primordials) and some of their children.  Other children of Gaia & Ouranos and other children of some Titans were not Titans themselves. 

    Olympians were the children of the Titans Kronos & Rhea.  Some of their children were Olympians as well, plus Aphrodite (who according to many stories was the result of Ouranos's gentials mixing with the primordial sea goddess Thalassa). 

    Primordials came out of Chaos at the beginning of time, and some of their children were primordials as well.  

    All the gods were related in some way. 

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  • ?
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    1 month ago

    Depending on which mythology you follow, kronos was either imprisoned in tartarus, the greek underworld, or freed to rule over various mythological realms. The greek gods and titans were like an enhanced version of men. They were bigger and stronger and harder to kill, but basically had the same weaknesses as humans

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