please help me with this managerial accounting problem before i lose more brain cells and cry?

Santana Mortgage Company uses a process cost system to accumulate costs in its Application Department. When an application is completed, it is forwarded to the Loan Department for final processing. The following processing and cost data pertain to September.

1.        Applications in process on September 1, 100

2.        Applications started in September, 1,000

3.        Completed applications during September, 800

4.        Applications still in process at September 30 were 100% complete as to materials (forms) and 60% complete as to conversion costs.

Beginning WIP:        

    Direct materials        $1,000

    Conversion costs        3,960

September costs:        

    Direct materials        $4,500

    Direct labor        12,000

    Overhead        9,620

Materials are the forms used in the application process, and these costs are incurred at the beginning of the process. Conversion costs are incurred uniformly during the process.

Santana Mortgage Company uses the FIFO method. Also, assume that the applications in process on September 1 were 100% complete as to materials (application forms) and 40% complete as to conversion costs.

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