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How will you respond when the big U.S. race war breaks out?

There's going to be constant race mass shootings, military deployments, corrupt military service members bombing particular neighborhoods, cops killing particular races, clans, mofias, movements, activist shootings, schools being closed or barricaded, us making world wide news, then eventually allied countries will step in to try to intercept and control the country. 

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  • Justin
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    You don't really grasp the concept of the 2nd amendment do you?

    Both criminals and corrupt government agents are cowards. They live in dread of law-abiding gun owners. That is why the ONLY way a scenario like the one you are describing could even happen is if you disarm those people first. You will need to defeat them city by city, town by town, street by street and house by house. No one has ever been insane enough to even bother trying. Not even men like Hitler. He was only able to dream of world domination because Europe's populations willingly disarmed and left themselves vulnerable. 

    We outnumber both law-enforcement and criminals 100:1 and we cannot be bought, corrupted or 'turned.'

    You are also not going to talk U.S. military personnel into attacking their own law-abiding citizens in order to disarm them even if a Democrat President was stupid enough to try or a Democrat Congress was stupid enough to alter the 2nd amendment. Race-based groups were stronger in the 1960's and those movements failed miserably even back then, before we had strong evidence of their unsustainable ideas.  

    Americans traditionally embrace the 'melting pot' analogy and we don't fight each other based on things as stupid as race, ethnicity or culture, which we have learned are collective strengths. Only idiot government types still believe in that crap or their criminal counterparts. 

    If you want to make yourself yet another example of why 'race wars' aren't possible here in the U.S., feel free to try. Your last thoughts will be about how impressed you are by our unimaginable collective strength and how you wasted your life fighting for the wrong 'side.' 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    There will not be a Race War,

    There will be a party specific political war.

    I find it amazing that the college "minorities" DEMAND segregation, yet still spout King's speeches.

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  • 1 month ago

    I am sorry you have to live in a country like China or Russia. 

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