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How do I combat health/death anxiety?

I have sought counselling and mental health support and have been put on medication by my physician. I need a good mental strategy that I can use to combat my fear of disease and death, because it's eating into my life and impairing my enjoyment of things. I haven't been outside in a while or written something creative or worked on university stuff. My symptoms have (kind of) subsided. I would get dizzy, nauseous, hot flushes, weak, shaky, a slight headache and even vomiting and diarheoa which I didn't even think was possible with anxiety!!!! 

Anyway, got myself checked out at the doctor's and all my vitals are fine and blood tests satisfactory but I STILL can't get it out of my head that there's some underlying physical cause. Now I can't even feel tired or have a sore stomach without my ind connecting it to imminent death. The doctor says I'm in no danger of dying from an illness with my age and physical health.  

Does anyone have any consolation or mantras that I could use to combat the anxiety? And when the symptoms happen how do I deal with them? Am I actually sick/in danger or is it all in my head? 

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    I'll share some information from a psychiatrist. You might be interested to know that this particular doctor is the one whose writings are recommended most often by mental health professionals (source: Authoritative Guide to Self-Help Resources for Mental Health). 

    In The Feeling Good Handbook, psychiatrist David Burns says that when people are preoccupied with fear about their health, it means they're also worried about something else.

    If you get therapy for your anxiety, which I think is a good idea, this is an idea you can explore.

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  • Jesse
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    You’re fear of death comes from the fact that you haven’t fulfilled your mission in life. You need to settle those things to make yourself content with your accomplishments in life. Whether it’s your career, a family, building confidence, or God. But that’s what it is. Your anxiety comes from your sense of inadequacy in yourself.

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