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what do you think the best games of 7th generation were ?

Now that the 8th gen is comming to its end, what do you think the best of the 7th gen was?

My list:

- mw2 / mw3

- black ops 1 / 2

- assassins creed 2

- batman arkham asylum / city

- twilight princess / skyward sword

- mario galaxy 1/2

- bioshock 1/2 

 - uncharted 2 /3 

- little big planet 1 /2 

 - gta 4 / 5 

- skyrim 

- red dead redemption 


In my opinion the 7th generation was way better then 8th gen.. by alot

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  • Kyle
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    Favourite answer

    Halo 3

    GTA V

    Assassin's Creed Black Flag

    Assassin's Creed 2

    Sims 3

    Modern Warfare

    Mirror's Edge

    call of duty world at war (for zombies)


    Halo 4

    i think games were more exciting then because they were still fresh and new.  assassin's creed is a big example.  it was still good after 2, 3, and black flag.  i still enjoy the series.  but i think after unity and the issues it had people started to get turned of from it.  so it introduced new rpg elements in origins and odyssey.  though odyssey doesn't feel like AC to me without the hidden blade.  it just feels like a Greek battle rpg game.  it's still fun.  but we'll see what they do with supposedly vikings next.

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    I didn't realize until now, but I think because internet connectivity was expected for pretty much everyone, I don't see a ton of difference between generations 7 and 8. Before then, every new generation was huge! But now with all the remasters, reskins, the way titles live on forever due to online communities, and the fact from the PC side of things, those generations weren't really a meaningful thing... Is it weird the PS4 pro felt like a bigger evolution over the PS4 than the PS4 did to the PS3? Just the jump to 60 FPS on most games and 4k on some.

    Source(s): And with Microsoft gamepass, and the fact they won't do Xbox exclusives, I might skip the console side of things this generation unless Sony does something amazing.
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