Help! I can't recover my sims account?

I recently got a new computer, yet it wont let me get the sims back again. I've redownloaded origin but it doesn't show up in my game library, I've also checked on my old computer and it says that I need to enter some sort of code. I tried opening the game on the computer too, since it was already loaded but it wouldn't open. Any help?

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  • 1 month ago

    Moving games and applications from your old to your new computer is not an easy task.  I 'assume' your old computer has a mechanical hard drive and your new one has nice SSD or M.2 drives.

    Your best bet is to remove the old drive and install it in your new computer.  See if your game boots and runs. If so, you are golden.

    If it is an older mechanical hard drive - bring it to your local computer store that deals with gaming machine and ask them to copy it to a new solid state drive.  Then install that.  If you go for a larger drive it can be your new main storage.

    Ideally - if your computer has the newer M.2 pcie drives you want your game on that thing.  It's write speed is 10x faster than a SSD connected to a 6gbs port.

    With luck, a dedicated sims player might show up and give you an easier suggestion.  This is all I can offer.  I don't play the game or know how its security works.

    • Mathew1 month agoReport

      Thanks for the help, though I don't think it'll work. Since Sims is a highly popular game, its earned some good money in its time, so it will probably have some sort of blockage when trying to open game files. No idea how it works. I'll try it anyway though, thanks!

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