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Can I present evidence after a court hearing?

I was recently served an ex parte protection order filed by my ex-girlfriend (who by the way I have not spoken to in a year) but was not given specific reason(s) but just a vague "harassment/stalking/violence" reason. I therefore brought in evidence to show that I am not indeed harassing or stalking her. What I did not expect however, was for her to make false statements under oath. Since I had not anticipated for her to lie to the judge I did not bring in text message evidence that would clearly show that she was lying. 

To be more specific she said I visited her dorm and left a ticket to an event in March (when we agreed to stop talking to each other) when it had in fact occurred in February (a time when we were still texting) and I had found text messages about the incident that was dated February. The judge has not made a final verdict as she has said she needs to review the evidence I presented at the actual hearing so I'm not sure if its too late or not.

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    Text messages are not evidence.

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  • 4 months ago

    There is EXACTLY ONE universal rule of court process. If you have to ask, YOU need to hire someone that doesn't have to ask.

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