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Only things to communicate to co workers besides about the job?! Im really shy and get awkward or most of the time too talkative..!!!! but i know im just there TO work and not make friends but i also want to get involve and stay consistant and not isolate myself. Im a busser at this really professional restaurant but sometimes my level of drive gets taken the wrong way and im looked at or been treated like im god or something. I just want to stay on thesame level as them and not have them be intimidated by me. How can i focus and stay calm at all times???! 

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  • 2 months ago

    After you get comfortable I’m sure you’ll ease right into it. Start a casual conversation once in a while like “hows it going?” Or “any plans for the weekend?” If they answer and then respond with “how about you?”, Great! now you’ve successfully created a conversation.

    If they don’t ask, “how about you?” You can just pretend they did, but there’s a decent chance that they don’t care.

    For an example let’s say they mention that they’re trying to plan a trip somewhere. Next week follow up with asking If they’ve figured out their plans or not.

    Just small things, you know? Hope this helps

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