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How likely would helicopters follow and surveillance one person if no crime was committed?

I feel like there's more and more security in stores. Because there were many robberies or theft, everyone is getting watched more and more. I notice that security watch me more and more in stores. People have gotten accused for stuff they didn't even do! 

Security has watched me in stores. At my college, the campus PD or security watches me when i did nothing. 

NO I'M NOT PARANOID. They did circle around and appear everywhere I go and were watching me.Just because others have stolen or committed a crime, I feel like me and everyone else has to suffer. I see more police planes, and helicopters and surveillance planes egerywhere and more often than ever. I feel like they are watching me. 

I saw police planes circle my neighbor hood and have flew over my home multiple times. I feel like they're watching me. 

I feel like it's wasting money and manpower to watch 1 person, especially since I didn't committ any crime. 

What are the chances they think I'm susppicious; when I did nothing and that they are watching me? The security and helicopters appear often wherever I'm at. 

I understand they're doing their job and patrolling but I'm not lying.

If they really think I'm a criminal, why didn't they ask me or pull me over?

Please do not answer, if you're not serious or trolling.


I'M NOT PARANOID, I was IN FACT watched by security and followed on campus by police. DO NOT ANSWER if you're going to write stuff like 'you're paraoid'. I was once accused in the store and watched by security because they thought I was stealing but I did not committ any crime. They may have felt I looked suspicious.

Update 2:

You guys didn't even read the question! It's not my problem, that you only answered based off of bias. READ THE QUESTION OR DO NOT ANSWER. If you don't like my question, then answer someone else.

The security has watched me in stores and walked around and appear often wherever I'm at. I have reasons to be apprehensive, the helicopters have flew over my house multiple times.

I'd rather just be paranoid as you say.

I saw the surveillance planes often to just fly by wherever i go.

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  • 4 months ago

    Even if they were following you, you would STILL be paranoid. You are also DELUSIONAL. If they cared 1/10th as much about you as you claim to believe, they wouldn't waste resources surveilling you. It would take far less man power to toss you in jail and 'lose' you.

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    • STEVEN F
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      4 months agoReport

      To the MORON that is commenting: Your comments have NOTHING to do with my answer. Address them to whoever said what you think you are responding to.

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    The word you can't spell is suspicious. Committ?  You're a college student?  I call troll.

    I would write to your local Police Department and explain how/why they are wasting money on helicopters and whatever else in order to watch you.

    You will be able to explain yourself during the 72 hours you are hospitalized and evaluated.

    Have you tried lining your baseball cap with aluminum foil?

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  • Jeff
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    4 months ago

    I would recommend checking in with a councilor or mental health expert about this. You seem to be very nervous and paranoid for an innocent person. That’s ok, but professional help can really clear things up for you.

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