Mental Health: What triggers your anxiety?

I have social anxiety. Its difficult to be around a large number of people, and difficult to interact at first. I am also socially awkward, which doesn't help the anxiety at all. What might be interesting to you, as it is for me, is where this comes from. I used always hide behind my mother, or try to avoid social situations. In school I was a loner. Most of my education life was in home-schooling, so I lacked the needed social development in order to be without social anxiety, if that makes any sense. Thanks for reading. Thanks for sharing. I am reading a good book on CBT and I recommend anything on the therapy for treating anxiety and coming to better understand yourself as a person. Peace.

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  • 2 months ago

    Remember Josh, that cannabis only exacerbates and makes anxiety WORSE.  And so remember this.

    As for me, I find that when I am in a social situation where I don't know anyone, I take the time to engage a group of people in conversation and I ask questions about their personal preferences and what they enjoy.  I also have a sharp sense of humor which makes me look approachable.  And when I move on, I tell the strangers that I have enjoyed spending time and chatting with them.

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  • health appointments, anything clinical and crowded/populated places.

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