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Why are children treated with more respect than men in Australia? It is fair enough women are, both being adults?


A man that is claimed by children to be a "good person" must be a "good person".

A man that is claimed to be bad must be a bad person.

Update 2:

Whilst I guess children would similarly be placed above women, the fact is adult women lose their agility at a fairly young age relative to children, and so can rarely ever be seen as a threat to child's freedom or supremacy

Update 3:

However if a man claims a child has done something bad, there is absolutely no credence paid to him unless he has proof.

Similarly if he says something good about a child, his opinion means little.

Update 4:

Whilst one may point out that many men are successful teaching positions, they have the advantage in that they are exposed to so many children that if a certain child were to say something bad of one of them with other children refusing to corroborate the claims would be quashed, unless the allegation were particularly serious. 

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