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How to deal with your boss who is unhappy with your work?

I have always been interested in Web Development and I told my supervisor that I would like to do some work in that field. So he asked me to join a new project and I've been working in that project from the past one month. I don't know much about Web Development but I was excited to learn and develop web apps. Recently, I started working on an Angular 8 application which is completely new to me. As I was spending more time with my application, I realised that I was not good at it and I need to spend more time and study it. While I was working on the app, one day my boss showed up and saw my work. He said the work is not up to the mark and asked me to improve it as soon as possible. He said the work is not worth showing the customers. He was not mean to me but his face has this disappointed look. He gave me a few textbooks and study materials which will help me with my project. But, ever since that day I have been feeling extremely guilty and unhappy with myself. I feel like I haven't taken my work seriously and I should've been better. How to deal with this feeling and how do I change the opinion my boss has on me?

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    Pray to GOD and ask for help. 

    You have stated your work in not good. If you cannot see improving yourself, tell him and be honest. Maybe he will put you back at your old job? 

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