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What is the psychology of this woman?

I loved this woman and did many things to her. Then I felt she was not giving me back any love. Everything she did and said was very calculated. When I started to reduce my acts of care and passion waiting to see if she will show me some emotions. She was very sad that I dont love her anymore, very rebeliant  and verbally emotionally demanding. When i stated my concern about the honesty of her love, then she started to show love in a very mechanical way (like sending hearts on whatsapp chat or approaching me with an irrelevant hug). She was very articulate about her demands but not otherwise. She has a mask face but very capable of fake smiles of politeness. She almost silent all the time and has many friends but none is close to her apart from her sister. She gets stressed if i start asking her questions about her life and plans. On the other hand, she d do anything to stay with me and panics if She feels she might lose me. She then blames me that i made her fall in love with me then abandoned her. 


When i saw her, i liked how calm she looked, how pretty she was, and her good career. Yet she was always giving me all the right answers and lied to give herself a better social status (which in reality didnt matter to me)

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  • 3 months ago

    you are such a liar. I happen to know this girl u are talking about .for one thing you was the one who showed up at her doorstep asking her out and telling her that you loved her and even asked her to move away with him.  only to find out that you only wanted to use her for money, and wanted to lay around all day and not work, and when that was depleted you left her like a rock. you 

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  • 4 months ago

    The woman I am with now complains that I haven't even bought her a pair of underwear.  We have only been together for 33 years now. That is something that comes with the territory.  Good luck. 

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  • Chanel
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    5 months ago

    It sounds like she wants everything all her own way or she is insecure and needs you to constantly reassure her.

    But ask yourself this 'what does she do for you? and is she ever interested in anything you have to say?'

    If she disappears for a few days then do not stay at home dwelling on this situation. Take up every opportunity to socialize cos you will feel better for doing things and also you might make some nice new friends.

    Don't waste your life hanging around for one person who does not seem very caring by what you have said.

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  • 5 months ago

    The relationship seems too be me myself and I.

    Type of relationship where she the lm ok and

    You are the not ok, to remedy please do an

    Assertiveness group where she can unlearn

    Her aggressive behaviour.

    And you can do some assertiveness boost

    So you can restore some harmony back into

    Your mutual relationship.


    Very best wishes 


    Source :) Did three courses, and was like

    Butterfly’s take off to fly for the. Very first time.

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  • LP7
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    5 months ago

    Seems childlike emotionally.Demanding but unable to open herself to others with love.You are her security teddy bear.Probably not very trusting of anyone else except you and her sister.She also might be getting advice from her sister about how to relate without really understanding her own real feelings about what love is.

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  • 5 months ago

    It sounds like she’s becoming codependent on you to make herself feel good, she may be a little insecure with herself, if not she wouldn’t feel like you didn’t love her or need constant displays of love and affection, that’s why people always say you gotta love and be secure with yourself if you expect to have a good relationship with someone else.

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  • 5 months ago

    What was the attraction to her in the first place? She is a fearful person and by dumping her you will hurt her deeply in an emotional way.   Her emotions and feelings are kept under control, when she kind of ignores you, and so that is why she is like that.  Now that you understand her better, perhaps it is you who could teach her how to show emotion and feelings without being hurt, or crushed by loss. 

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