interior stain from water leak on brick  and motor?

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  • Nancy
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    1 month ago

    Are you asking how to get rid of stain on brick and mortar that is the result of a water leak inside a building or house?

    If so, take a picture of the stain and post it to this question.  What is needed to clean it will depend on what it looks like and what the stain actually is.  It's not a water stain because water doesn't stain brick or mortar.  It's something that was in the water and ended up getting deposited onto the brick and mortar as a result of the water coursing over it.  A picture will help someone determine what the stain actually consists of.

    I mean, there's a good chance that scrubbing it with water and dish soap will take it off because whatever it is got washed there by water, so should be able to be washed away by water, and if the water picked up any oil that didn't mix with it but floated in with it, the dish soap should take care of that.  Beyond that, you will need to figure out what the stain actually is and possibly use some acid to get it off.  Or the other alternative is to use a stain-blocking primer like Kilz as a base coat to then paint the brick and mortar. 

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