Who is the Congressman that represents Northeast Philadelphia?

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    Pennsylvania legislature

    Senate: All of Northeast Philadelphia is in the 2nd Congressional District of Pennsylvania, and is currently represented by Brendan Boyle.

     Pennsylvania State Senate, most of the Northeast is in the 5th district, represented by John P. Sabatina, Jr.  ...smaller parts are represented by Shirley Kitchen (the 3rd district), and Tina Tartaglione (the 2nd district)...  All are Democrats.

    House of Representatives

    Is split among several State House districts, including those of Democrats Ed Neilson, Kevin Boyle, Michael Driscoll, Jared Solomon, Jason Dawkins, and Isabella Fitzgerald, and Republican Martina White. Republicans John Taylor and Tom Murt also represents part of the Northeast.

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    Northeast Philadelphia is represented by Congressman David Archer.

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