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How do I explain sex to my six-year-old son?

My ex-husband goes around with women so I don’t want him to be explaining it.

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    Why would you explain sex to a six year old? I'm sure that's the last thing on your husband's mind, anyway.

    My son asked me how babies were made when he was five, and i told him they grow in a Mommy's stomach. He just said OK! and he skipped along through his day. that answer was good enough for him at that age. If he would have asked for more details i may have given him a detail (such as it happens when mommy and daddy are sleeping together). But he didn't ask, so i didn't elaborate. Short answers are good for younger kids.

    If your son asks, answer. If he wants to know details then there are websites out there about how to explain sex to younger children. Google it.

    Most kids seem to become pretty curious about sex at 8-10. And some kids start puberty at 9-11, by the way.

    take care

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  • 2 months ago

    Google books at his grade level about sex. something all parents struggle with.

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    you dont, hes too young for that

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    do not........ force any conversation that is, in any way, made to seem forced upon him.... do not make him sit and listen......... keep it as simple as possible.... do not use "baby talk".... use proper language and names for "the parts"........... if there has been an incident... ask him for his thoughts on the subject.... let his reactions and words guide the conversation.... if he has some misunderstanding.... correct that in as simple a way as possible....stay to the specific subject.... do not go any further unless he asks questions........... always ..... answer a child' question when it is asked....... if possible.... keep it calm.... try very hard to not make it seem like you are embarrassed...... or that it is something he should not be asking... or ashamed about.... always respect his concerns and privacy.... make sure he knows that it is a very personal and private subject .. and that it is just between you and him..... and that he is always allowed to come to you about any thing like that that he may ever want to know..... and especially when it something that scares him or makes him uncomfortable.........always tell the truth to each other......

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  • 2 months ago

    Seems like that's his area of expertise, so maybe you should just leave it to him.

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