homeschool graduates how to meet them?

I want to meet more people who were homeschooled growing up. I would really like to meet others that were homeschooled because I think we would just have alot in common, I also feel like a homeschooler, even though I am grown now and I would really like to have more friends. My parents got divorced, so I didnt got to be a part of any groups as a teen but did finish my schooling... and I ended up not liking my college at all. If a homeschooler see this add me on facebook. My name is starr moretti. I really like artsy things, photography drawing, film. nature baking.


I am just wondering how to meet others that were homeschooled? as young adults? Im lonely because growing up I had a disability and am from a extremely small rural area. I don't have homeschool friends and would like to meet some. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I know how you feel.  growing up without any real friends.   when I was younger, I joined a church young adult bible study.   I made a few friends like 5 of them.   As we grew older in the 30s, some of them became really bad friends for being jerks.   So I'm saying even a friend can go separate ways since they have life problems.

    Most people meet people at school and at jobs.  So it is either way, go to college that you like or go find a job.   If you are disable, you could always have a desk job such as engineering job or computer job. 


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