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How would students prepare ballet exams?

For example when you start working on exam content later on in the year how many hours a week should you spend working on each part? Also when should you start? beginning of the year? 3 months before exams etc?


I meant learning the exam content, sorry I should've made that more clear

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    Your basic technique for every exercise required should already be sound and it would be just the putting together and remembering the syllabus that would be required.  

    I would say that this then depends on how many lessons you take per week and how good you are at remembering set work.   How old you are and what grade you are doing is also part of it.  If Inter or above then it will take a while to remember it all.  

    Exams are a very good idea for children in general who are taking dance as a hobby as human nature as it is,  a lot is achieved within the last six weeks when there is a target date to work for.   I have just had exams within my school and was working 7 days a week for six weeks for the students.  I had only 3 merits and the rest all distinctions (over 85)  with 7 x 90 and 1 x 91... However,  it is not the actual exam that is important to me as a teacher,  it is refining the work so that they are ready for the next level that is important to me.  

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      I was hoping you would answer this Lorraine. 

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    Everything you do in class should get you ready for your exams. This is about learning how to dance properly, not about passing exams.  That should be a given if you are working properly. 

    Edit for additional comment: As graded ballet is part of recreational ballet training I don’t have much in the way of experience about it. I would imagine your ballet teacher would take care of the timing on that. While evaluation exams are often part of professional training, you don’t always know what is going to be part of your evaluation. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. 

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