Is it weird I like to watch children shows/movies more than teen/young adult shows/movies? ?

I’m 21(almost 22 by Nov) and I enjoy a lot of shows and movies aimed at a younger demographic. The music, colorful characters and appeal just attracts me more than shows with violence or more mature content. I do watch shows with a more ‘adult’ audience such as Arrow, Flash or Batwoman, but I am more into shows of my childhood (like Winx Club or My Little Pony)

I even sometimes enjoy more disney movies and shows like Frozen or Sofia The First. Is this a bad thing or should I just not care when it comes to others opinions of me? I’ve seen people judge older animation fans and telling them to ‘grow up’ or ‘get help’ and I fear I might need help if I enjoy more child targeted content.


I haven’t even really seen adult shows like a lot of people expect like The Walking Dead or The 100. 

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  • 9 months ago
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    I am 37 and while I love adult movies/TV I love kid shows too. I could watch the Care Bears Generation 2 movie every day for the rest of my life. Of course my other favorite movie is the original Dawn of the . I also enjoyed watching the TMNT series with my kids on Nickelodeon (not the current season). The Studio Ghibli movies are also favorites of mine. Enjoy what you like and don't give in to in the insecurities of others. Humans are not black and white we can like it all.

  • 9 months ago

    No! It's just rare. That's all.

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