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How do postzygotic barriers impede gene flow between species?

i know the two different species mate and produce a hybrid but how exactly does this mechanism PREVENT gene flow between the 2 species (biological species concept)

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    LOL.  When does postzygotic stop and prezygotic begin?  Ha ha ha.

    Okay.  When you're looking at "postzygotic" you can start with:

    o The embryo fails to develop and dies.

    o The mother fails to give birth.  (Someone asked about female chihuahua x male great dane.  Great Dane puppies are too big for a female Chihuahua to give natural birth to.  She dies, and so do the puppies.  You can imagine other versions of that with other animals.)

    o The baby hybrid animal is ugly or misbehaving and the parent(s) reject it.

    o The baby hybrid animal is clumsy and can't keep up with mom's herd.

    === and here is the dividing line between postzygotic and prezygotic ===

    Prezygotic then:

    The hybrid doesn't dance the right dance or sing the right songs, and is not selected as a mate.

    The hybrid is ugly and is not selected as a mate.

    The hybrid has greatly reduced fertility, ...


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