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How do I stop my rabbits from fighting? ?

I want to introduce to each other but the older one keeps attacking the new one. 


They are females, not spayed since they are quite young. 

Update 2:

3-4 months old

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    Bonding rabbits can be a tricky thing. It is a process. Females are particularly territorial. Add to the fact that their hormones are kicking in and you have a recipe for disaster. 

    They must be separated for now. Keep them totally apart. No interaction. Any fighting they do now decreases their chances of bonding in the future. 

    Once they are both spayed and have had time to heal, they can be re-introduced. That introduction needs to be in a place that neither rabbit has been before (it must be neutral or they will fight over the space). 

    There is no guarantee that they will bond. Rabbits can be quite choosey about which rabbit they will accept as a bondmate. 

    You can read more about this process here:

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    Play with them.

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    What sex are they? How old? Are they spayed/neutered? Did you introduce in a neutral area? Bonding rabbits is a gradual process, and not always successful. You must start with spayed and neutered adults, preferably opposite sex, for best chance of success. You'll find a variety of articles here with guidance on the process. Until they are bonded, they need separate housing. Be aware that not all pairs will be successful.

    Add: They're right about the age that puberty is starting. You will have little chance of successfully introducing them until they are spayed adults and will need to keep them apart until several weeks after the surgery. Every negative interaction decreases the chances they will ever be friendly. Also, in my experience, two females is the hardest pairing to make successfully. So don't count on them ever being able to be together.

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    probably by seperating them

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    Maybe you can't stop them from fighting. Buy each one of them some cage if you like.

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