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Which denture cleaner is best for cleaning Invisalign ?

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    To clean them on a daily basis you just rinse them under warm water and then use toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean them inside and out.

    If after cleaning you notice a cloudy appearance then that’s due to calcium build up. When that happens soak them using ANY denture cleaner. They all work at least as well as Invisalign’s own branded cleaning system but at a tiny fraction of the cost. Even the most expensive branded denture cleaner is cheaper than what Invisalign sell. 

    My brother doesn’t even bother with that. He just soaks them overnight in any weak food-grade acid, such as spirit vinegar or lemon juice (diluted from concentrate). Try that trick at your own risk: Invisalign retainers are anything but cheap so risking them to save a fairly small amount could be a Fool’s Bargain. 

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