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Hi! I have a question for my gymnasts out there?

I’m 14 and I’m wanting to switch from excel to J.O I am a platinum right now so what level would I be in J.O? Also is it too late to switch. I also heard that I have to compete a level 4 routine even if I’m a higher level in order to move on in J.O. So.... can someone help 😂?

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    Ok, I'm not a gymnast but i'm a gymnastics expect-er since i study the sport by watching youtube vodeo and watching the meet on TV. In order to switch from execl to JO, you will have to compete on a leven 4 at every concomitant that I segguted. Now, gymnastics is a hard sport like simone biles or Domiquie dawes for example, they do some big skill in gymnastics like a double layout on uneven bars or floor. Back to the JO stuff that you was talking about, you may want to ask your coach that question but I think you can a good gymnast so good luck my friend.

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