A relative is selling me their car in Florida. Can they sign and mail me the title? I live in Michigan?

I am flying to Florida and driving it back. Can they sign and mail me the title than take it to Secretary of State to get it set up or do they have to be present ? Do I need to go to the SOS in Florida with them?

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  • May
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    7 months ago

    You or the seller do NOT have to go to the SOS when a car is sold.

    Also, The seller does NOT have to be present when you go to the Michigan DMV to get the title and plates in your name

  • 7 months ago

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  • Shay
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    7 months ago

    Most of the time, title transfers can be done at the DMV.  (department of motor vehicles.)  I am not sure why  you think you need to go to the Secretary of State.

    While in Florida, go to the local DMV and have the relative's signature notarized and  your information placed on the title as the new owner.  Once that is notarized, you won't have any problems when trying to finish the title transfer in Michigan.  

    While driving from Florida to Michigan, make sure to have a receipt for the sale of the vehicle and the notarized title in the vehicle with you in case you are pulled over.  After all, you will not have a legal license plate on the vehicle.  (once you have the title signed over to you, you can't have the old plate on the vehicle.  If you have a license plate that you intend to transfer to that vehicle, you could try using it on the vehicle to get it home.  BUT - that could still be considered "illegal" in some states.  In my state, you can use a plate you intend to transfer for up to 30 days provided  you have the sales receipt and title in the vehicle and the registration that matches the plate.)  

    You may want to call the state police post or the DMV in both Michigan and Florida to see what their policies are on driving a vehicle you purchased from a private individual when you won't be able to get the license plate until you get it home.  Explain the situation and ask what you need to legally have with you to drive that vehicle.

    You should also notify your insurance company of the date of purchase so you have immediate insurance coverage.  You need to give them the VIN number which you can get from your relative and the date you will be picking up the vehicle so that you have insurance coverage for the trip home.  

  • 7 months ago

    i would ask the dmv about it

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