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Blood clot forming after deep cleaning. Help!?

On Monday I came in for a deep clean, which was done my lazer. It was painless, which was great. But, two days later, I woke up with blood in my mouth. Blood was coming out of one tooth on my left side of my mouth. The blood was thick, almost mucus/jello like. Behind the affected tooth a small blood clot form and the thick blood spread to the adjacent teeth. 

I was worried, so I went back to my dentist who performed the procedure. I explained what happened. However the dentist and the hygienist said it was “normal”, and that the blood clot acts like a blanket to the wounded area. He said in a matter of days the bleeding will decrease as tissue develops. 

They gave me gauze to apply to the affected area so the bleeding stop and some medicated mouth rinse. 

It’s now Thursday and I’m still experiencing the same bleeding issue. Sleeping at night has been tough. I’m afraid I’m going to choke on my own blood. 

Anyway does anyone have an opinion on this or have dealt with a similar situation? 


I should be clear the bleeding is coming from my gums above the affected tooth. All the other teeth are fine. 

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    You should 100% seek medical help if continues to last at the same rate for the next day or so. Blood clots are normal for the first few days. I recommend keeping away from hot foods, drinking and eating(if possible) through a straw to help not initiate bleeding, do not eat, drink, or sleep with gauze in your mouth. Also, a home remedy to help lessen the infected area is just swishing around saltwater for a couple of minutes. I wish you a speedy recovery, hope this helps.

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