Do you think this cop Philip Brailsford was totally in the wrong?

He was the officer who shot Daniel Shaver, an unarmed man crawling on the floor of a hotel in Arizona four years ago. He was found not guilty of murder but was earlier fired from the force for having “YOU’RE F**KED” etched on his rifle. However last year, just a year and a half after his acquittal he was rehired and then fired from the force in order to receive a medical pension for his PTSD, and gets paid roughly $35k a year for life although he isn’t a member of the department anymore. 

You can look it up. Many know this case. This is the video:

Many people hate Brailsford in the comments, including self-claimed  police supporters. They include things like “I wanna find his family and kill him” / “He’s a scumbag and thug who joined the force because he was bullied as a kid and to feel powerful” / “He’s a punk nerd who likes to kill innocent people” / “I want to inject gasoline in him and his family” and much more. 

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  • 1 month ago

    Yes, it is disturbing this the hotel guest who was pointing a rifle out of his window at people down below? Did they *know* he was unarmed when he was shot?

    I can't see what the man on the ground is doing when the shot is fired. Sad case, regardless.

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    • Tim1 month agoReport

      In possession of just a rifle so he couldn’t have just stuffed them in his shorts. Even if it was a handgun it probably would have dropped out of his athletic shorts. 

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