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Are day trading and poker the only forms of gambling you can actually win at?

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    No. The other main one is sports betting. The people who win at that approach it similarly to day trading.

    There are others too, but they're generally not as lucrative. Blackjack is an obvious one, but I doubt anyone is making a killing just by counting. Too much heat and only a razor-thin edge even without heat. The big edges are gained from other tactics which aren't always available. I imagine wandering around looking for the right tables cuts into the hourly profit.

    You can go to a state like Cali or FL and essentially be the house in games like War, Three-Card Poker, and Blackjack. Of course, you need a large bankroll for that, and you'll probably have to take turns with a banking corporation.

    I've heard that Backgammon is a good way to make money, but I know nothing about that scene. Apparently bad players are willing to gamble because of the high variance in that game (perhaps similar to Omaha poker, if not more).

    There are some video poker machines where you can earn sweatshop profits. You can be the banker (or something like that) in Pai Gow for a small edge. You can earn pennies per hour by counting cards in Baccarat. And there are probably other avenues. Finding +EV opportunities is mostly about using basic math or simulations.

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