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What are your thoughts on Misty Copeland?

I personally don't like her as a ballet dancer

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    I think she is a lovely dancer that has done a lot to promote ballet. Especially for dancers of color. That being said her abilities (partly due to starting so late and partly due to her other limitations) should have kept her as a soloist not a Principal dancer in ABT. When you look at Stella Abrera , also a dancer of color from the Philippines who was promoted to Principal in ABT the same time Misty was, there is a big difference. Stella definitely deserved the rank of Principal. Misty is perhaps the weakest Principal dancer in ABT. But she has brought more people to the ballet than the rest of the Principal dancers combined. I give her kudos for her self promotion and what she has done for  ballet in general. For that reason I appreciate what she has accomplished. 

    I have seen Misty dance Swan Lake which was very disappointing. I saw her dance the lead in Firebird which she was better suited to and was absolutely lovely in the part. I certainly don’t dislike her as a dancer. But she does have her limitations. 

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    I'm personally not a fan of her either. I think she and Isabella Boyleston get more media attention than they should.

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    She's a BEAUTIFUL dancer with gorgeous legs, feet and lines (dance wise). She is very strong and proved everyone wrong by becoming a principal dancer starting ballet at 13. She got rejected and kept going. She's an amazing role model for young girls and not only. She also "broke stereotypes" as a "black" dancer.

    I love her for so many reasons. She's really inspiring and one of the most beautiful dancers I've ever seen.

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      She is a great at self promotion. Did that help break stereotypes? Maybe a put in a crack or two. Still very few black dancers in professional ballet. 

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