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Heat energy?

How can I harness heat energy? 

How much heat = how much energy? 

If I was able to wrap my exhaust pipes in something and harness the heat from the contact not the fumes how much energy would this create?

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  • 2 months ago

    Use thermocouples, a Stirling Engine or a Peltier device, but heat is the kind of end product of energy and it's not very efficient.

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  • Mr. P
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    2 months ago

    You can recover waste heat from exhaust systems using a heat exchanger like you have suggested, but how much is variable. In a vehicle it is more efficient to use the coolant water for cabin heating, but on air cooled engines - the exhaust heat is used - like in the 1940's VW beetle.

    If you had a solid fuel stove in a building it makes more sense to recover heat from flue gasses as well as a conventional water boiler. How much is variable on design, fuel consumption etc so is very much a trial and measure method to determine efficiency.

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