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True or false?

White liberals for the most part who claim to be non-racist and believe in diversity only do so at arms length, at a downward angle, condescendingly and still regaurd black males as a threat unless they fit the whiite liberal standard of what a Black male should be

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    This usually depends on the age and socioeconomic position of these white liberals. Santa Monica, the Palisades and the West Side of L.A. are full of people who only know other professionals who happen to be racial minorities and the only undocumented they ever come into contact with work for them. They'd never vote for Bernie because it would destroy their standards of living. Meanwhile, every young white Millennial with even a vague interest in media winds up here eventually living with four roommates and struggling to pay the rent. These are the people who love Sanders and Warren because those tens of thousands in student debt they have aren't going to pay themselves. Point being, the left is pretty fractured right now, probably headed to a brokered convention and meanwhile these are the same people who are going to lose their minds if Trump is reelected.

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  • so your saying all white people are racist? how dare you! 



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