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Why do I feel pain on the left side of my back and stomach?

A week ago, I was lying on the sofa, on my right side when I suddenly felt tension in my left back side. Something didn't feel right and suddenly turned into a severe pain that just wouldn't go away. I couldn't tell if I pulled a muscle or if it was my kidney... but the pain was so bad, I couldn't sleep, even after taking Advil. 

Thankfully the pain subsided by the next day and although it was still a bit tight I could go about my day. 

It seemed like it was getting better, during the week but this morning, I woke up with a similar feeling, as last week, but thankfully not as painful. Just this throbbing tightness from my left side to my lower abdomen.

I'm ok walking around and sitting upright, but it's painful to lie flat on my back. The pain just radiates on the left side of my stomach.

I've only been able to I lie on my right side, allowing my left side to bend inward, if that makes sense. 

If it doesn't go away by Monday, I'm going to see a doctor. But just wondering if anyone has any insight in the meantime. 

Thanks in advance! 

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    i would go to the er, that could be your heart

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