When something bad happens to you, does it mean you did something wrong?

Or could it simply be random bad luck? The past few years has been a series of bad luck. In 2017, my supervisor at Arby's suddenly went psycho on me simply bc I looked up to her. I was nothing but nice to her cuz I looked up to her, but for some reason, it pissed her off. So she treated me like sh*t and suddenly, I no longer worked there.  I'm not even allowed into the store. I had just moved out on my own for a couple months and was now down to my remaining job at Sam's Club. She hurt me so much that I started having mental breakdowns. And so, that one event gave rise to more horrible things.

1. I stopped functioning while living on my own. I was also finishing up college at that time and would skip classes to get wasted. My grades slipped and on my days off Sam's Club, I would sleep all day. I also called home every day bc my breakdowns overwhelmed me like hell. A few months later, I ended up moving back home.

2. My mental breakdowns made me physically unable to talk, so I started acting out at Sam's Club. Frequently crying to coworkers and asking them to be my momma. It eventually cost me my job there.

3. I immediately got my job at McDonald's. I had been dating my BF from Sam's Club for a few months. Suddenly, he quit Sam's and went to work for Arby's. It triggered me like hell, so I broke up with him.

Why did that Arby's supervisor had to treat me so horribly? She used to like me.

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  • Carson
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    1 month ago
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    No. It's life. Things happen. Cause an effect.

    From the rest of your explanation to your question you need therapy. I mean like, move to Switzerland, go to a clinic and apply for 24 hour a day tag team therapy. Sorry, ya got more going on the 800 characters will answer.

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    No one asks for mental illness but when you're unlucky enough to have it it does adversely impact your life. All you can really do is get into treatment so you can better understand how to take care of yourself.

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