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is something wrong with me?

okay so when i was around 12/13 i got diagnosed with depression and social anxiety due to some bullying that i couldn’t get over. i’m 17 now and in high school. for the past few months i’ve been happy and nothing has happened but recently i started getting overly sensitive, i remember hearing that if your sadness lasts more than 2 weeks it’s a sign your getting back into depression, and i’ve been feeling like this for longer than 2 weeks now, i get home and i cry for no reason or i just sleep. it’s gotten so bad to where as soon as i get to school i go to the bathroom to cry and i skip first period because of this. i don’t have any friends im close with at school and i feel outlasted maybe that could be the reason? i really doubt that thought because that’s never really upset me. even if someone at school gives me a dirty look i will instantly get the urge to cry. what should i do?


outcasted* oops 

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