Do the mentally ill misinterpret words to prove a conspiracy like paranoia.?

I have this neighbor and he does The following. A sign says no motor driven vehicles. He says you can't ride a bike because you're driving it. Jesus hung on the cross because he was crossed out that was a double cross. They framed him. Laws don't mean anything they switch the words to frame you and make you pay big fines. And a million other things. Is he clearly mentally ill.


Smoking free zone means it's free to smoke.

Update 2:

Otherwise you'd pay to smoke.

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  • 2 months ago

    only a psychiatrist can tell if hes mentally ill or not

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  • 2 months ago

    My son does this all the time- it's the only way he thinks.. I think it comes from a religious center in the brain. All he talks is nonsensical Bible stuff- codes, letter substitutions, irrational associations.  I've spent years trying to get him diagnosed but no luck. I'm bipolar and I think he's somewhere between bipolar and schizophrenic. It's definitely a mental illness. 

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