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Knee pain since childhood?

Ever since I remember I have had a pain in my left knee. When I was young I would always complain about it but I was just told it was growing pains. Now I’m a young adult and that knee pain has still persisted. It is mostly not so bad and most days I can’t even feel it but some nights I can’t fall alseep becuase of that dull pain. I remember when I was younger always having to go to sleep with my knee bent becuase it would ease the pain

So I was wondering does anyone have an explanation for knee pain that has persisted from childhood to adulthood?

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    Hi, we're random strangers on the internet.  Were we medical professionals there is no way we would diagnose you through this site, so any medical advice you receive must be from people who know nothing about medicine.  You have knee cancer and should apply leeches to the affected knee every day.  I would also recommend you get a brain.

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