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IS my sister alright??? HELP?

My sister (17) told me that all her close friends began excluding her this year. Her best friend apparently told her no-one would ever like being friends with a loser like her and mocks/laughs her calling her fat. For months, the group of friends she hangs out with at school just get up and leave whenever she sits next to them. She went to one of their b'days and they all got up and left her all alone at the table. I also know another close friend blocked her on social media this whole year, cropped her from all the photos and even said it was embarrassing.

My sister feels there's something wrong with her. She's been crying everyday for months now, feeling worthless. For the past month, she's been just numb and emotionless. I've noticed minor cuts on her upper arm. (I'm 20 btw)

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  • Tell your parents. You should all get together as a family sometimes and discuss things going on in your lives. Its important to have that communication, that is: caring, loving, concerned, and educational (on life).

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  • patty
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    2 months ago

    you should watch the movie Muriels Wedding. The girl in the movie has the same problem as your sister.

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