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Social Anxiety.. I’ve researched, but I’m unsure ? ?

Since grade 4 or 5 I’ve been feeling extremely anxious. In grade five I was teased a lot for my appearance and how I trembled when I spoke to people or how my face goes red during presentations etc. When I started grade 7, that fear started to fade. Until people began to tease me again. 

Now, I’m extremely aware of parts of me that I used to not care about. I always feel like people around me that I used to trust are thinking badly of me. I cut conversations short with them, making excuses when I run out of things to say so they wont find me boring.. I sit on my own at lunch because I hate people being so close to me.. I stare at the ground when I walk so people won’t look at my face.. I can’t meet new people anymore because I’m too scared to be judged by them. I spend majority of my time at home and fear the thought of going to school. As soon as I walk through the gates I feel my face twitching, my heart racing, my breathing becoming short and uneven, my throat going dry from constant swallowing and my face going red. I play with my fingers and I’m extremely restless and always tired. I can’t play team sports or hang out with people on the weekends, I can’t look people in the eye or ask for help when I’m struggling in class. And sometimes when someone asks me why I was feeling nervous, I can’t tell them why because I don’t know. I panic without reason and overthink things. Can anyone who has experienced a similar problem recommend any helpful methods?

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    2 months ago

    You have 2 options really. There are some self help books available.  Or you could ask your doctor for a referral to see a psychologist that specialises in anxiety disorders,  CBT and graded exposure. 

    Either way I'd go and see a doctor for a diagnosis and advice from them first.

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