Is it normal to feel more comfortable talking to people of minority races even though I'm white because my name sounds ethnic ?

Even though I don't practice Judaism at all, I have a first and last name that sounds more jewish than anything and it seems like there's just too many white people in which if your name doesn't sound anything like John Smith or Michael Johnson or something they react like they think you might be a terrorist or something, I grew up in a nearly all white Christian area and got constantly made fun of for having an uncommon name.

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  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    We fall into a weird "us" yet "other" kind of category in the US (especially those of us with Sephardic surnames who are often lumped in with Arabs or Latinx people). Most Americans can recognize 'Steinberg' or 'Greenblatt" as Jewish names but get confused when an 'Amar' or an 'Andrade' show up. Historically in the US Jews haven't been considered mainstream and have faced their own oppression so they did march with blacks in the Civil Rights era. Perhaps this is the kinship you're feeling with racial and ethnic minorities even though to all appearance you're "white".

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