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What type of rabbit is this I've had her ages and still dont know?

I think she might be a cross of some.

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    I would agree it is probably a mix. Given the shorter ear size, it likely involves either the Netherland Dwarf, Polish, or Dwarf Hotot. The markings around the eyes make the latter breed likely to have been involved in the mix.

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    Californian Rabbit Breed History/Origin 

    The Californian Rabbit breed was developed in the 1923 by George West of California. His plan was to develop a breed with the “perfect” meat as well as a dense, desirable coat. After five years of breeding, he developed a small, chinchilla-colored male by crossing a Himalayan white with Chinchillas. The buck was bred with several of West’s New Zealand rabbits to increase their size, and so the Californian Rabbit was born. West gave a few of his stock to two trusted Southern California breeders and together, they perfected the breed. 

    The Californian rabbit was first shown as a breed in 1928, its first appearance at an American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) convention in 1932 and became a recognized breed in 1939. Today, Californian rabbits are only surpassed in popularity by the New Zealand whites.

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      That is not a Californian, which is a large meat breed with fairly long ears, and dark markings on feet, nose and ears only- not around the eyes. By contrast, this is a small breed with dark coloring around the eye, ears, and additional spots on the face, and quite short ears. 

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