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How is Asperger's syndrome diagnosed in kids? And how accurate is a diagnosis from a pediatrician?

I got diagnosed with Asperger's when I was 10 I'm 27 now and wondering how accurate it would be? Run down on my self people would describe me as eccentric I only have a small amount of friends 3 or 4 not because I am a social outcast I could get way more friends if I wanted to I choose not to because I think most people are full of **** nice to ya face then backstab ya when ya not looking I choose not to be around that. My real friends I have, have got my back and I got there's..... I have held down jobs with high company's. I have competed in professional sports when I was younger... I have had many sexual partners.... Just off that how accurate was diagnoses as a kid?

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    My grandson has what was once called Asperger's. And he has all those things and more that you describe for yourself. Bill Gates and A. Einstein are also Asperger's people.

    My point, Asperger's is not the kiss of death. Many go on to have successful or even extraordinary lives.

    Having said that, I'm a bit concerned that a pediatrician is not sufficiently skilled to make a proper diagnosis. I would have been more confident had your diagnosis been done by a trained neurologist or psychiatrist.

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  • Etta
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    People with aspergers normally have problems with social anxiety, sure you might have been like that as a 10 year old but personally I think they just label people with aspergers as they have no other reasons for the persons problems and obviously you are a lot different now and done well in life so I would forget about the aspergers.

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