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Bonded rabbits fighting after staying at vet for few days.. ?

So they were from the same litter. They have ALWAYS been together. They were the best of friends. One of them got GI stasis and had to stay for a few days at the vets but we brought his sister so they would have company. Just today we took them home and they were settling well and had some hay and water etc. Then just a few hours they started fighting, there was fur everywhere. I don't know if the vets separated them which could be the reason. But they should know bonded rabbits should stay together always right?? And its not about food, they never ever fight or even just nip for food. They just try and steal each others, if they're not successful then oh well. I have no clue what to do. The vets are off hours too and I don't know if it's worth it to call emergency vets rn. Any advice?

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    How long have they been together (ie. how old are they)? Are they fixed?

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    Stress can certainly cause this, plus the sick one likely smells differently. You'll need to separate and gradually rebond them. If your vet isn't a small exotics practice, they likely have little idea that bonded pairs need to be kept together, if you didn't make that clear to them. 

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